On October 26th, at the Castle of San Barbato in Manocalzati (AV), during the ITX HUB 23 event, MAC Formazione, one of the divisions of M.A.C, will offer an extraordinary experience in the world of jewelery design. In the “experience room” visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the perfect harmony between artisan tradition and cutting-edge technology.

Waiting for guests inside this fascinating room will be a master goldsmith, ready to share his vast knowledge and skill. Next to him, you can admire the different machines that represent the thousand-year tradition of Italian jewelers.

During the ITX HUB, the division will present an entry level course dedicated to jewelery design. This course represents a springboard for those who wish to start a career in the world of jewellery, offering them the opportunity to learn the basics directly from expert professionals.

But the real surprise of this extraordinary experience lies in the integration of the goldsmith’s mastery with the modern technology of 3D printing. This fusion of tradition and innovation allows us to design and create unique jewels with extraordinary precision. In the heart of this room, the goldsmith’s art merges with the versatility of 3D printing, opening new horizons in the world of jewelery design.

The ITX HUB 23 at the Castello di San Barbato is transformed into a unique stage, where art, tradition and technology will give life to a new chapter in the evolution of Italian jewellery. We invite you to sign up for this amazing event and be part of this unique experience!