On 26 October 2023, the Castle of S. Barbato will be the stage for an extraordinary event: the ITX HUB 2023, in which the reporter and founder of the social campaign #NonCiFermaNessuno, Luca Abete, will give a speech entitled “Il futuro non fa paura”.

In 2014, Luca Abete gave life to #NonCiFermaNessuno, an innovative social project aimed at motivating and supporting young Italian students. What makes this initiative unique is its approach focused not only on achieving success, but also on analyzing defeats, difficulties and fears. The goal is not just to impart lessons, but to create an open and shared dialogue, learn from mistakes and transform failures into opportunities for growth.

The #NonCiFermaNessuno campaign has entered into a significant partnership of solidarity with Lidl Italia to support the Food Bank through the use of SuperFoody, a project involving the M.A.C Group, TreeWeb and Lidl Italia.

The M.A.C Group is a company committed to supporting young people and motivating them to pursue their dreams. In this context, the TreeWeb team has developed an engaging video game called “SuperFoody”. This game was created with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of reducing food waste and promoting circular ecology.

The mission of #NonCiFermaNessuno is to shorten the distances between young people, providing tools to face personal fears, identify their talent and enhance it. The campaign also promotes the experience of solidarity, environmental awareness and mutual respect. The creation of an active community both online and offline encourages individual discussion and the sharing of testimonies of resilience, courage and determination.

NonCiFermaNessuno is a social campaign that has left a significant impact on the education and motivation of young Italian students. Luca Abete and his team have shown that the future must not scare us, but can be faced with courage, determination and solidarity. The ITX HUB event at Castle of S. Barbato represents an extraordinary opportunity for young people to meet and draw inspiration from a true motivator.

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